I am an advertising and marketing strategist with 10 years experience in NYC, now living in Colorado.

Founder of the iCrossing Collaboratory, a discipline creating partnerships between brands and start-ups, instigating new methodologies & inspiring ideas that have never been done before keeps me up at night.

I’ve worked with brands in hospitality and travel, entertainment, beauty, food and beverage, health care and financial services. Clients include Voya Financial Baha Mar Casino and Resort, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Fairmont Hotels, DIRECTV, and Ally Bank.

Before joining iCrossing, I worked at Planned Parenthood building campaigns that helped get health care reform passed in America – I’m damn proud of that.

I spent a year as a PR strategist working with food and beverage clients entertaining bloggers, testing out Twitter and writing funny press releases at JGA/PEPPERCOM.

After taking a constitutional law class in undergrad, I thought becoming a lawyer might be in the cards. First step, get a job at a law firm. So I got a social media gig at the ACLU. I launched their national social media strategy, worked with celebrities to end torture, and learned a little HTML. My ACLU card-carrying member grandmother (alev shalom) would be very proud.

I have a dual Bachelors in Anthropology and Political Science from the University of Delaware. I studied group identity, community and why as human beings we crave individuality as deeply as we crave belonging. The politics, pop science and world events that shape those beliefs continues to evolve. These shifts keeps me up at night.

Proudly, I use all of my vacation days. Passport stamps include: Myanmar, China, South Africa, Vietnam, The Galapagos, Japan, Spain, France, Iceland and many Caribbean islands. I’m a sailing enthusiast in a landlocked state.

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